Friday, August 14, 2009

Thoughts for End of the Week: Seminal Thinkers, Part II of . . .

Chief Oren Lyons
(from Learning to Listen, 1991)
"Define for yourselves your directions. Think about it. Today belongs to us, tomorrow we'll give it to the children, but today is ours. You have the mandate, you have the responsibility."
"In our perception all life is equal, and that includes the birds, animals, things that grow, things that swim. All life is equal in our perception. It is the Creator who presents the reality, and as you read this . . . you are a manifestation of the creation.", p. 203
"Will people of all races learn? . . . Will they reach beyond feelings of racism and antagonism to see what is good for the welfare of all people? And not only people, but of all things that live." p.205

"Natural Law is very simple. You cannot change it: it prevails over all. . . . The Indians understood the Natural Laws. They built their laws to coincide with the Natural Laws. And that's how we survived."

R. Buckminster Fuller
(from Synergetics, 1974)

"since we now know that there is a sustainable abundance of life support and accommodation for all, it follows that all politics and warring are obsolete and invalid. . . ."

"We no longer need to rationalize selfishness. No one need ever again "earn a living." Further living for all humanity is all cosmically prepaid."

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