Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Developers Get the Message?

From Regenesis Group, a cutting-edge development project advisory firm, we have:

". . . the process of development and the role of developer is, at this point, the most appropriate vehicle for transforming the way we inhabit and think about ourselves and our planet,. . . The basis for this surprising assertion lies in the power of the vital, co-creative relationship between humans and the Places they inhabit—a power that has been diminished but never totally erased. 

""Regenerative Development is grounded in a deep understanding of the integral and interdependent nature of living systems—social and biotic, and the complex and emergent process by which they co-evolve. . . . Regenerative Development of Place can begin to act like global acupuncture points, regenerating the elemental basis of life and restoring the planet's capacity to regenerate itself and humans' capacity to live in harmony with our home."

May this find all developers -- and soon!

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