Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perspectives on Climate Change

"Alaskan Village Copes With Real-life Impacts of Global Climate Change" interview with NARF attorney Heather Kendall-Miller on PBS last year,
For more information see the Kivalina case update.

Video at the NewsHour web site

The Forest County Potawatomi Community has an statewide effort to raise awareness of the importance of taking climate action and what you can do"

And the Indigenous Environmental Network has a multiple Energy and Climate programs

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harvest of Films

The food film documentary industry is booming. Some we like include Food, Inc.

The Garden

and from Angelic Organics, we have the The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Further, we have films to answer the question"Is water a human right or a commodity to be bought and sold in a global marketplace?" and building a case against water privatization in Thirst and Flow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

CIBA Gathering 2009

The maintenance and strengthening of cultural tradition was in force at this past weekend's gathering of the California Indian Basketweavers Association. It is in places like these where you see the most profound connections between ourselves and the earth.

Basketweaving is core to the culture of many tribes between the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean, and helps provide a sense of identity and pride connection to the earth. What we need to remember is the value of basketweaving as a skill that helped people survive through centuries -- taking reeds, roots, branches, and inner bark to create any manner of containers (even water-tight!), fish traps, ceremonial hats, and more.

It's not too late to learn! See you in 2010?